Printer Networking Software


The CLARiNET printer networking software allows a number of ICE, Videojet and Zebra printers to be connected to a central data source via a LAN (local area network). The maximum number of printers which may be connected to a single CLARiNET system is 99.

CLARiNET Printer Networking Software displayed on an LCD screen with a white backdrop
CLARiNET coder networking software

Key functionality of CLARiNET

Enables printed data to be centralised, providing a single data source for all coding machines in a factory, thereby reducing both the risk of coding errors and simplifying the process of data management.

Printers can be placed into groups, allowing simultaneous data transfer to a number of printers. Typically these printers would exist on the same production line.

Permits data to be shared by printers which use different print technologies and have different capabilities, for example print speeds, print resolution and print areas may differ. The templates designed within CLARiSOFT deal with these differences, whilst CLARiNET simply connects the printers to the data source and the CIFFs.

Provides a dashboard view of printer efficiency, performance and line stoppages by acquiring data from the printers – this can be recorded into production and audit logs and enable both quantitative and qualitative analysis to improve OEE.

An optional intranet view can provide the business with live performance information.

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