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CLARiSOFT is a label design software system. It uses a Windows GUI (graphical user interface) to allow the user to create label design templates which may be printed by the ICE and Videojet machines.

Easy and professional label design template allows placement of fields on to a defined print area.

Drag and drop editing tool to insert multiple field types including text, date and time, barcodes, graphics and shapes.

Highlighting allergen information in the ingredients list is simple by selecting bold, underline or italicise to comply with EU allergen labelling regulations.

Powerful print preview function allows a final review of the finished design before printing, reducing time and waste.

Job preview created by Clarisoft Label Design Software
How CLARiSUITE works diagram

How CLARiSOFT works…

The information contained within each field type in the label design may be fixed, user entered at the CLARiTY screen interface, merged from another field, calculated from the printer RTC (real time clock), or sourced from outside of CLARiSOFT.

This source may be the CLARiSOFT DB database, or another data source provided by the user.

Templates created within CLARiSOFT are saved as a unique file type, known as CIFF (coder independent format file). The CIFF file also contains other information in addition to the printed data, for example date of creation and version of CLARiSOFT.

The CIFF file may be stored permanently within the printer if desired. Transportation from the PC to the printer may be via serial connection (RS232), Ethernet connection, or via a USB memory device.


CLARiSOFT DB is a database structure provided within the CLARiSUITE product to allow the user to manage printed data in a friendly environment.

CLARiSOFT DB presents each CIFF data record in a form view and allows additional fields to be added easily.

The software also provides some data checking facilities for example check digits on primary and secondary barcodes are calculated and checked.

  • Full downloadable font support for Windows TrueType® fonts (including multiple languages and Unicode support)
  • Embedded printer fonts
  • Multi-line text (paragraphs)
  • Resize/position
  • Grid (configurable)
  • Rotate (o°, 90°, 180° and 270°)
  • Object overlays
  • Inverse print for use with white ribbons
  • Mirror print for reverse side overprinting
  • Fixed, variable and merged text fields
  • Text block (paragraphs)
  • Flexible time and date formats (fixed, prompted, calculated or database)
  • Counter (alpha, numeric or alpha-numeric)
  • Barcode (linear, stacked or 2D)
  • Multiple graphic formats supported (BMP, JPEG, PCX, PNG, TIFF)
  • Basic shape drawing
  • Automatic user ID, line ID or equipment ID
  • Prompted (user input at print time)
  • Prompted with mask (e.g. numeric only)
  • Prompted user list (user selection from pre-defined list)
  • Date calculations (pre-defined date offset)
  • Concession management (limit user entry to prevent errors)
  • Automatic date rounding (round up, down or nearest)
  • Reference date calculations (e.g. Use By = Sell By +1)
  • Counter (alpha, numeric or alpha-numeric)
  • Date and time (choice or pre-defined and custom formats)
  • Barcodes EAN 8, EAN 13, UPC-A, UPC-E, Code 39, EAN 128, Code 128, ITF, RSS (including 2D composite codes)

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