Operator Touchscreen


The CLARiTY operator touchscreen controller can be
situated nearby to the printer. The colour
touchscreen allows for simple operation
and minimal downtime of ICE coders.
The operator is able to set up the line
quickly and easily with streamlined
message selection and a helpful wizard

CLARiTY Operator Touchscreen displaying job information across two Viper printers
How CLARiSUITE works diagram


Using the CLARiTY colour LCD touchscreen controller on your packaging line, user configurable pre-defined drop-down fields can be set up to limit operator intervention and minimise risk of errors with variable information such as sell-by dates, traceability codes, product variety and country of origin.

Using a hand scanner, a barcode can be scanned from a work order or from the product itself to make job selection and set up effortless.

With multiple ICE coders on your packaging line, a master/slave set up allows control for multiple printers from a single screen.

CLARiTY gives the operator visibility to identify the ribbon usage and the predicted replacement time to assist with planning changeover and reducing downtime.

On-board diagnostics can quickly identify faults so you can fix them and get the line back up and running fast.

The CLARiTY controller is attached to a flexible bracket design and situated close to theICE coder and can tilt or rotate positions to install cables from above or below to aid integration in to your production line.

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