How longer CM500+ ribbon can help you to reduce waste and save money


Longer CM500+ ribbon – helping you to reduce waste and save money

As a result of mounting pressure and concerns, many companies and manufacturers across the UK are introducing new initiatives and targets to help ensure that their environmental impact is lowered in every aspect of business.

What we’re changing to help you

CM500+ a greener alternative

At ICE, we are working closely with our customers to consider packaging solutions and combat the war on waste. Moving away from the industry standard 1000m ribbon length, ICE Zodiac customers are therefore choosing to run a 1200m roll length which is fast becoming the benchmark product.

What our customers are saying

Our customers have confirmed that by switching to the longer length grades will not only improve line efficiency by 20% through fewer ribbon changes and breaks in production, but also help to reduce their carbon footprint on the environment. Evidently, switching to the 1200m ribbons has resulted in our customers disposingDiscussion about CM500+ ribbon of up to 20% fewer plastic cores whilst reducing primary and secondary packaging by the same amount. 20% more ribbon per roll means less frequent shipments, thus lower emissions.

The added benefits

Benefits of CM500+ ribbon

The added benefit to you is that each of our next generation 1200m ribbons have been developed to meet current market demands and are proven to deliver enhanced performance, durability and speed across the most challenging applications.

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Our is to ensure you achieve maximum performanceconsistent reliability and optimum efficiency from using our printers and labellers. Once your ICE equipment is installed, our team will be your one stop shop to order ribbon, ink, spares, schedule repairs and any of your queries. By providing a single point of contact also ensures continuity and peace of mind with every purchase.


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