Food and Drink Coding and Labelling

Over the years Clearmark Solutions has built a proven reputation for integrating with a range of food manufacturing operations, including fresh produce, beverages, bakery, dairy, cheese, fresh meat, frozen foods, snacks, fresh fruit, confectionary, seafood, dried food and many more.

Popular print types

Variable information such as best before dates, batch numbers, legally compliant allergy information, barcodes, 2D codes and company logos can all be effortlessly designed with our software and printed with our coders.


Flexible packaging, rigid plastic, paper-based container and liquid cartons.

Need peace of mind it will print? Get in touch and we will run it through our sample lab.

Suitable products

Thermal Transfer technology is a perfect match for the growing demands of food production lines.  Products such as the ICE Zodiac and Vulcan allow you to print at speeds that match line output and are significantly more efficient, with fewer wear parts compared to traditional coders and applicators.

Case study:

Leading UK based grower, packer, importer and exporter of fruit and vegetables

Supplier reduces packaging costs and increases coding efficiency with the help of eighteen Zodiac printers installed across two production sites.

Customer requested two ICE Zodiac thermal transfer overprinters integrated onto a tray sealer. The customer was so impressed with the printers speed and accuracy, they have since purchased and installed a further sixteen coders for two of their other sites situated within the UK.

Growing supermarket chilled and frozen food supplier

Supplier purchased several Vulcan Print and Apply labellers to replace manual labelling on its secondary packaging line, the Vulcan prints and applies onto the company’s outer cases. This has resulted in significant savings of around 4 to 5 hours in production time and is also enabling the supploer to achieve significant waste reductions as it now prints only the labels it needs in real time.

In addition, the new system allows the use-by date to be incorporated into the product barcode, enabling more information to be added to the outer box.

Popular European dried meat packer and distributor  

The company opted for a standalone feeding system with ICE Zodiac Thermal Transfer printer. To reduce packaging costs, the supplier chose to use a range of generic pouches that it overprints with a barcode and data denoting product-specific information.

This gave the supplier flexibility to respond to changes in customer orders while minimising wastage. Confident in the long-term performance,the supplier has since placed an order for a second unit.




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