Intelligent iAssure™

Introducing iAssure™, an integrated print checking system which conducts print quality checks in real time

It compares the negative on the printed ribbon with the intended image to see if they match

It issues a fault when a pre-set number of consecutive fails is reached

Designed to improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)



Airless, all electronic printhead design with Intelligent Motion™

Simplest ribbon cassette design
in the industry

1200m ribbon capacity and effortless ribbon changeover

Solid state ribbon drive means no clutch, brakes or wear parts therefore minimal maintenance and no reduction in performance for the whole life of the printer


One printer for intermittent or continuous mode, satisfying all applications; left or right hand operation

Performs at both very high and very low speed operation using precise ribbon tension control

Easy usability with the Clarity interface for easy job selection and diagnostics

Modular design for tighter OEM integration