Thermal Transfer Printer with an integrated print checking system

Thermal Transfer Printer

Zodiac Hawk

Building on the market leading success of the Zodiac HS, the Zodiac Hawk refines almost two decades of thermal transfer technology (TTO) with all the reliability, flexibility and intelligence of the original Zodiac with the addition of a built-in print checking system.

Alongside further improvements, including no compressed air required and faster print speeds of up to 500 packs per minute, the Hawk represents a major step change in TTO technology.

Zodiac Hawk Thermal Transfer Printer which checks and corrects

The world’s first Thermal Transfer Printer that can check its own print

iAssure™ Zodiac Hawk eye Thermal Transfer Printer which checks and corrects

Introducing iAssure™ a revolutionary integrated print checking system which scans the transfer of spent ribbon, to verify that a print has been produced.

For the first time, achieve improvements in Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) by reporting on performance, reliability and quality.

The Hawk will provide you with an early warning of a potential loss of code quality and help to minimise production disruption and downtime, and reduce the risk of customer complaints or fines, with its cost implications and potential damage to brand reputation.

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