Things you probably didn’t know about ICE coders!

•   An ICE coder is able to print any Windows font at almost any size.

•   Dates and times can be scrambled or encrypted to allow full traceability of manufacturing information.

•   ICE coders are capable of directly controlling other devices via

commands hidden with the “CIFF” files used to print information.

•   All ICE coders are capable of emulating other machines including Zebra desktop printers.

•   All ICE printers can be accessed via the Internet!

•   ICE printers are supplied with language files for over 50 countries and regions. Additional language files can easily be added.

•   All ICE printers have network connectivity as standard.

•   All ICE printers can be “cloned” using a USB memory device to allow critical information to be re-instated quickly and easily.

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